eveliina, 18, finland
madly in love with four british lads
1st time 14/6/13
2nd time 4/7/14

Bastille : Favorite Tracks

bastille background | iPhone 5/5s

Hi, I found a pic u edited of Dan the one where it's black and white and it's from the topman shoot and I've been using it as a lock screen for my iPhone as it's perfect Have u done any like that with the whole of the band in it (in a similar style edit)??? That's usable as a iPhone lock screen so none of there faces get covered over

i haven’t, sorry! i’ll try to make one so keep on checking my blog :)

I love your URL :)

thank you x


every time i wear a band t-shirt i think someone will recognise it and we’ll talk and stuff

but no

  1. Dan: Hello this is Jeff and Sarah from Bastille
  2. Kyle: *chuckles*

August 9th, 2014


'Some things in life are so serious all you can do is laugh about them'

Words are Words